Our Club has got all weather, modern and temperature modulated swimming pool. For Members whose swimming is their leisure or career, then Parklands Sports Club will provide the facility for perfect practice.

Many people believe that the most common purpose for swimming is recreation. Recreational swimming is considered by many as a good way to relax, while enjoying a good full-body workout. Several swimming styles are suitable for recreational swimming; most recreational swimmers prefer a style that keeps their head out of the water and has an underwater arm recovery.Why punish your body with cold swimming during harsh cold weathers when you can enjoy a well temperature regulated swimming here at our swimming pool. After much day's work and even other strenuous exercises in the Club e.g. gym and jogging, nothing comes close to the pleasure of diving and floating on a pool of water.

For the children who love swimming, our swimming experienced staff are always available to assist them in case of difficulties as they have fun in the water with their new found friends.All members’ spouses of their eligible dependents whose parents have paid the sports levy do not need to pay for swimming sessions. Only non-members are supposed to pay and the charges are listed below

Reciprocating Junior Members Ksh.50.00
Reciprocating Senior Members Ksh.100.00
Members’ Guest Senior Ksh.250.00
Members’ Guest Junior Ksh.75.00