Monthly Run

The Parklands Marathon Club owes its origins to 2004 when five Founder Members mooted the idea of Members running together once a month. Whilst the initial events were restricted to PSC Members only, the mini-marathons/ marathons subsequently became ‘open’ events where non-members participated alongside members, as part of the Club’s CSR.

The event – which is religiously held every First Sunday of the month - has become the most popular Club event, with an average participation of two hundred (200) runners, ranging from juniors to veterans.
Most notably, the monthly events have produced elite runners who continue to win marathons across the divide.
There can be no better way of taking care of your health and fitness and hence the PSC Marathoners Club’s motto of ‘RUNNING FOR OUR HEALTH AND FITNESS’. It is therefore time for you to connect with the event, every First Sunday of the month.